Summer Events 2018

Dear Islanders,

Our Town website,, has come a long way in the past two years. Many thanks to our volunteers on the Technology Oversight Committee, and to the individuals who post and edit content. The website features news, information about Town services, contact information, and meeting schedules.

What’s happening on Grand Island?

The newest addition to the website is a community event calendar. Grand Island thrives in the summer, and already social media is overflowing with photos of my friends and neighbors enjoying the sun and warm weather.

Last summer my office compiled a lengthy list of summer events happening on Grand Island. We had everything from concerts to food trucks to farmers markets, and I received lots of positive feedback. Some people even asked about starting a winter event guide! 

Too often people want to attend community events, but aren’t sure what’s available. That’s where our new community calendar comes in. Go to our website and click the blue Island-shaped logo. Here are some of the events listed:

●      May 28: Memorial Day Ceremonies, 10 a.m., DeGlopper Memorial

●      May 30: VFW Post #9249 Chicken BBQ, 4 p.m.

●      June 7: Soma Summer (yoga) Series, 6 p.m., Town Commons (repeats weekly)

●      June 8: Relay for Life, 4:00 p.m., Veterans Park

●      June 26: Summer Band Concert Series, 7 p.m., Town Commons (repeats weekly)

●      June 30, KidBiz, 10 a.m., Town Commons

We need your help!

We’re looking for more events. Do you know of any walks, BBQs, movie screenings, picnics, public service events, ect. happening on Grand Island this summer? If you would like your event to be included on the calendar, please email information to my assistant, Emily, at or send us a Facebook message.

No man is an island

We live in the same town, but too often focus on our differences, rather than what we have in common. While writing this, I thought of a poem I read recently by John Donne that says “No man is an island, entire of itself. Every man is a piece of the continent.”

We might do just fine on our own, but it’s our bonds with others and participation in local events allows us to live to the fullest. Community events bring us together, regardless of political party, religion, or age. We are all residents of Grand Island, and we share a love of this beautiful place. So whether you’ve lived here 30 years or three months, I urge you to consider attending a new event this summer.

Play ball

This past Saturday was supposed to be Opening Day for the Grand Island Little League—a great organization that fosters a sense of teamwork and community pride—but the event was postponed due to rain. I was secretly a bit relieved. Now I have an extra week to practice throwing out that first pitch. Maybe I’ll see you there!

Highest regards,

Nate McMurray