West River Multi-Use Trail

Dear Islanders,

This week work started on the West River Multi-Use Trail. The trail will be a fully-accessible eight-mile path for bicyclists and pedestrians. It will allow residents of Grand Island, Western New York, and beyond to safely enjoy the beautiful Niagara River. There will be grassy space for kids to play in, wildlife to observe, and sparkling water to gaze at.

Seems like an amazing project, right? Some didn’t think so. I understand—change can be difficult, especially if it’s close to home. But rest assured, the process was done correctly, and this path will be a wonderful addition to our Town for decades to come. I hope that everyone will find a way to enjoy the new trail, whether they bike, run, picnic, or birdwatch.

We might have snow in April, but there’s a reason we call Grand Island home. I’ve lived many places, and traveled all over the world, but what we have here is special. It’s a less-tropical paradise with a wide range of seasons and amazing natural resources.

Grand Island is a unique and beautiful place. 80% of North America’s freshwater—and 20% of the world’s freshwater—flows around it. The view is spectacular any time of year, and West River has some of the best sunsets around.

Having West River available for safe and accessible recreation will be a gift for Grand Island and for all of Western New York. I’ll see you out there!

Highest regards,
Nate McMurray