Truck Stop

Dear Islanders,

Let’s talk about the truck stop. I will do everything in my power to stop it. A massive truck stop will destroy the fragile ecosystem of Grand Island.

A green oasis

Drive five minutes to the north of Grand Island, or five minutes to the south, and you’ll find dense population. It’s a miracle Grand Island has stayed clean and green for so long. We need to fight this threat to our beautiful green Island.

Welcome Center does not equal truck stop

The Western New York Welcome Center has no ties to this truck stop, nor does it resemble one. The Welcome Center is a place for visitors to learn about our region’s history and attractions. It’s more like a museum and information center than anything else. Yes, there will be parking for RVs and perhaps a few passing trucks. But it will not be a place for truckers to stop and shower, fill up their gas tanks, or load up on Mountain Dew and fast food.

Rumors are being spread that the truck stop plans to tie into the Welcome Center’s sewer. These allegations are false: New York State does not plan to collaborate with the truck stop on sewer. In fact, the Welcome Center is putting in their own septic system, because the Town has no plans to extend existing sewer facilities west of the I-190 on Whitehaven. It would be impossible to tie into a system that does not exist. All this “he said” “she said” distorts facts.

What is a truck stop?

A truck stop of the size and scope of the proposed Love’s Travel Stop equals a sprawling concrete city. There are tons of parking spaces for tractor trailers to park for extended periods of time. Picture an enormous parking lot, with glaring overhead lights, right in the middle of Grand Island. There are showers and changing areas. There are lines of gas pumps. There are fast food joints, convenience stores, pumping stations, and truck maintenance sites. All of this would be 24 hours, every day, for the rest of Grand Island’s future.

I should mention that there these types of truck stops result in more pollution than just exhaust. Do a quick Google search regarding spills and dumps at these facilities. Use the keyword “Jasper” to understand how some communities have fought for generations.

I recently took part in a press conference held by the New York State Land Conservancy regarding the preservation and restoration of the Niagara Gorge. This event focused on revitalization of a beautiful place blighted for generations by industry. To see photos of these plants pouring waste the gorge, visit gallery 5 at There are far too many radioactive and industrial disaster sites in Western New York already. We can’t afford to let Grand Island become one.

I need your help

I am definitely against a truck stop on Grand Island, and I would hope the rest of the Town Board is too. So please, help me oppose this project. Come to Town Board meetings. Come to Planning Board meetings. Express your opinions. Let Love’s know you don’t want a truck stop in your backyard!

Grand Island is a great location. You know it, I know it. That’s why we live here. But we can’t let a truck stop ruin it.


Nate McMurray