Farm to Table Dinner

farm dinner 2018.jpg

Dear Islanders,

I’m proud to call Grand Island a farming community. Grand Island Farms Inc. is a grassroots organization made up of local farmers and supporters. They hold markets, seminar talks, dinners, and other events designed to bring the community together.

Farmers Market

Earlier this summer I talked about the farmers market Grand Island Farms organized at the Knights of Columbus. Each Monday local businesses and farms gathered to sell fresh meat, eggs, dairy products, pizza, honey, produce, and more. It was a success. Every time I stopped by, the place was full of neighbors shopping, chatting, and learning where their food comes from. The last market day was October 1, but keep an eye out for pop up markets this fall.

Community Dinner

Grand Island Farms’ seasonal wrap-up event, the Farm to Table Community Dinner, will be held this Saturday, October 13 at the Knights of Columbus. This dinner is a gourmet meal prepared fresh from local ingredients. Tickets are limited, so email to get yours today.


Farming became a prominent industry on Grand Island during the later half of the nineteenth century, but declined around the time of the Great Depression. When I took office, some people were downright hostile to the idea of bringing farming back to Grand Island. They made fun of me for standing up for agriculture, and predicted doom and gloom.

But look what happened. I pushed for agriculture districts to protect local farmers and participated in the Agriculture Steering Committee because farming is something I believe in. I didn’t back down when faced by bullies, and neither did these men and women. We have a thriving farm community again. I will always stand up for what I believe in.

Full circle

All in all, Grand Island Farms is doing a great job bringing Grand Island back to its roots in agriculture. The Town Board even presented the farmers with a proclamation commending them for helping make the “Farm to Table” movement — which promotes eating local — a big part of our community. Farmers were a big part of our past, and they are a huge part of our future. I encourage you to support them in any way you can.

Highest regards,
Nate McMurray