Partisan Vote

Sadly, the Town Board voted 3-2 to not support the state park’s bike bath proposal. The impact of this vote is unclear, because we do not have jurisdiction over state land. But it's disappointing, to say the least. After years of resolutions and discussions here we are, again, saying no.

There have been multiple hearings and multiple versions of the path proposed. As you know, when I came into office I met with the state parks, asked them what they wanted to do. And when they told me they wanted to close the Parkway, I visited with our current Town Board—months ago—and explained it to them. I even drew the plans on the white board at town hall.

Not one of them protested. Not a peep. Nor did one of them take the step that I took to reach out to the State Parks (or the Greenway, who supports the plan). Their was a tacit acknowledgment that this was an iterative process, and this was just another step in the evolution of a plan long since approved by some previous version of the Town Board.

Yet here we are, after a sudden, partisan vote in a town board workshop, when we said we never do that again on any material issues.

But I will not flinch. I’m pushing back. We need to find a way to have more families on the water front, walking, chatting, connecting, getting healthy and living.

We are all proud of the changes to the Buffalo waterfront. We need to extend those changes to Grand Island with a green path along our blue river. Help me Grand Island. Contact the town board and tell them they are not representing your interests. Tell them we are tired of going to Tonawanda to walk safely with our families along the river. Tell them we need to change politics as usual on Grand Island.

Or email me at Town Hall, and I'll make sure they can't ignore your voice :