West River Shoreline Trail

Dear Friends

The West River Shoreline Trail is done. It’s epic. It’s gorgeous. People from all over the region were there today for the grand opening. They were in awe of the natural beauty, even on a cloudy day. I’m so happy the Trail is complete. It will give generations to come the opportunity to bike or walk along the edge of beautiful Grand Island.

But what if we don’t stop there? Imagine a 25-mile trail that circles the entire Island. Combine that with:

●      Scenic Woods, which is underway—you can walk the trails right now,

●      Margery Gallogly Nature Sanctuary, which is coming soon,

●      Buckhorn and Beaver Island State Park trails, and

●      Existing bike paths (Bedell to Buckhorn, roundabout to Beaver Island).

We would have a massive interconnected system of bicycle and pedestrian trails. Waterfront public health infrastructure of that scale is unheard of. Grand Island could lead the nation in public recreation initiatives.

I’m thrilled that residents of Grand Island, residents of surrounding communities, visitors, and tourists alike will be able to enjoy the Niagara River and beautiful natural resources of Grand Island. But we should keep pushing for an even better community. I’ll see you on the Trail!

Highest regards,

Nate McMurray