About Nate

Nathan McMurray

Nathan McMurray is the Town Supervisor of Grand Island, New York, U.S.A. Nate’s also an experienced attorney and businessperson. And most importantly, he’s a proud father who is thankful to raise his sons on Grand Island. 

Deep local roots

Nate traces his Western New York heritage back more than seven generations. His fifth great-grandfather, Henry Anguish, was a founder of what was then the village of Tonawanda (which at that time included Grand Island) and operated a tavern on the banks of the Niagara River, not far from the current site of the South Grand Island Bridge. Nathan’s father was a construction worker who worked on some of the area’s biggest landmarks, including One Seneca Tower in downtown Buffalo and UB’s Amherst campus. 

Nate's dad died when he was four, leaving a wife and seven children (two of whom are attorneys serving in prominent positions locally). Watching his mother’s struggles to balance family and work responsibilities as a single parent (she served in many jobs, but most proudly as a school teacher for many years) gave Nathan both a deep appreciation for the tremendous challenges facing many American families and a lifelong respect for the value of hard work and sacrifice.

Global education, private sector know-how

Nate's career and educational pursuits have taken him all over the world. Working in private practice (M&A, corporate law, and arbitration), he helped represent the interests of numerous US companies doing business in Beijing, China and Seoul, South Korea. He is also proud of his work locally with Delaware North—an industry leader in travel, hospitality, and sports services with operations worldwide.

He graduated with honors from SUNY Buffalo, earned a law degree from California’s prestigious Hastings College of Law, and was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship to study the development of democracy in South Korea and Korea's Constitutional Court. Nathan completed his studies by earning a Master of Laws degree from China’s much respected Tsinghua University. Later, he taught American law at Korea's Judicial Research & Training Institute.  He speaks both Korean and Chinese.

Nate is a widely recognized expert on Asian business and cultural affairs, whose commentary and interviews have appeared in the Wall Street Journal, NPR’s Marketplace, the Sydney Herald, and many other publications. Nate has also appeared at numerous conferences and public forums, including his delivery of the key note speech at the 2013 Ethics and Compliance Officer Association's annual conference. This year, Nathan was chosen as a delegate to the British-American Project in Dublin, Ireland.

Love for Grand Island

As a young man, Nate earned his Eagle Scout Award camping along the rivers, lakes, hills, and valleys of the Niagara frontier. Nate’s deep love of the beauty and heritage of our home means he will work tirelessly to protect and preserve the safety, the serenity, and the sense of community that makes Grand Island a place we love.

Nate lives on Grand Island by choice.  “I had the opportunity to see some of the world's great places," he says, "and I believe that Grand Island—surrounded by the mighty Niagara and filled with teeming woods and family friendly neighborhoods—is a secreted gem. I am committed to doing the hard work needed to protect Grand Island and help it reach its potential as key part of the revival of the Buffalo-Niagara Region.”