Say No to the Truck Stop



Love’s Travel Stops representatives gave a presentation at the February 12, 2018 Town of Grand Island Planning Board Meeting. They intend to build a massive truck stop complex on Whitehaven Road across from Alvin Road. Residents turned out to listen, and many voiced concern about the truck stop after the meeting.

“I’m all for commerce, but not like this,” says Supervisor Nate McMurray. Over the past two years, Grand Island’s credit rating has risen, the Supervisor has approved conservative budgets, and protected small businesses. 

He goes on to note, however, that some forms of commerce can be dangerous if placed in the wrong location. “The industrial disasters and toxic waste sites scattered throughout Western New York prove that we need to be careful,” he said.

Grand Island is the Heart of the Niagara, and it would be a mistake to allow a sprawling concrete city to set up shop in the center of it. The Supervisor has made clear in public forums that he will put forth his best efforts to dissuade Love’s from putting a truck stop on Grand Island.

Residents are encouraged to contact him at and reach out to other members of the Town Council to express opposition to the truck stop.



Nate McMurray